Thursday, January 21, 2021

Kyle's 2 Year Check-up

 Kyle had his 2 year check up today. I guess we missed his 18 month but keeping track of 3 kids' doctor appointments and 18 months was around his pre-surgery appointment, it must've just slipped our mind. So he had to get 2 shots today but was a champ!

Here are his stats:

Height: 35.24 inches (71%)

Weight: 29.98 lbs (84%)

Head Circumference: 19.4 inches (76%)

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kyle is 2

 Today, Kyle turned 2! It's been quite a year for the world and it has been for Kyle too. We loved seeing his milestones this year like walking and talking. He is saying so many words and even a few word sentences. He is very polite and always says 'thank you' and you have to acknowledge that he heard you before he stops saying it.

Although we couldn't celebrate this year with our whole family, we did have two small gatherings with the Grandparents over the past two weeks. We tried a variety of meals like pizza, mac & cheese, ham, and fruit. He doesn't eat much meat and we're still working on baking eggs in food for him to try to get over his egg allergy but egg-free ice cream and substituting greek yogurt for eggs in cake worked well. 

He chose his favorite color for his cake at school- yellow. And he loved opening his presents! His new utensils, books, and trucks are great. The quilt that Grandma Jan made is wonderful and the nugget couch that we entered for in a lottery and Grandma Jan got selected! Now they can build forts with that instead of our living room couch.

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Christmas 2020

 Although we missed seeing so many extended family members and friends, we were able to enjoy time with Grandparents this Christmas and are so thankful. The kids enjoyed the special time with all the Grandparents and we enjoyed the Christmas time with them. 

We got our first real Christmas tree this year and really enjoyed it. We'll have to see how to keep up with the 2 Christmas tree tradition as we had enough ornaments (and presents) to fill both trees!

We got outside and in the car to enjoy light shows and spent time ice skating, skiing, sledding and playing in the snow.

We also had a Zoom with Santa Jon and told him all about the ice cream truck, the dog wagon and the kitchen that we wanted.

We kept up with our gingerbread house making tradition.

Here are some more highlights: