Sunday, June 26, 2022

Maeve gets Braces and Cecilia new Glasses

 Maeve was so excited to get braces last week and is doing a great job with them - which includes rubber bands at night and learning a new water flosser to floss her teeth. She picked light blue as her first color and was a great patient - the Orthodontist mentioned it many times! Hopefully this fixes her crossbite and aligns a few of her teeth and she may have them off in 8-10 months!

And Cecilia got a new look the same week - she picked out new frames and has less of a bifocal prescription now. She's doing great wearing her glasses.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Boise 2022

 It was a quick trip to Boise, partially due to the fact that our flight got cancelled and then re-routed through Seattle because there wasn't a flight attendant. It ended up taking over 14 hours to get there from when we first arrived at the airport - arriving past midnight in Boise. 

But we packed a lot into 48 hours there. We went on a hike to a waterfall and a hike through the wildflowers overlooking the city. We also had so much to do at Anne and Sean's new house - seeing their nice vegetable garden, swimming in the pool (although a cool front came in and we swam in 68 degrees!) and jumping off the diving board, and exploring their land. The kids enjoyed playing in the tent, the bounce house, and riding the scooters and y bike.

We met lots of new animals. Our favorite was Holly the dog, of course! We also met the new chickens, saw the old cats, and enjoyed the neighborhood cows, horses, longhorns, goats and llamas! 

On Father's Day (and all weekend long), we enjoyed delicious food on the smoker and a visit to our wine club, Cinder.