Friday, March 3, 2023

Maeve completes another year of Ski Racing

 Maeve had another great year of ski racing with Team Gilboa. She improved so much, never wanted to miss a practice or race, and had a great time.

We are so proud of her!

At the last race, Dad even got to race her down the hill. He only won by a little! She got 15th place overall out of 37 kids in U10. She got a shout out for placing 15th and a ribbon!

Maeve got her braces off

 Maeve did such a great job with her braces these last 8 months. She was a great patient at the Orthodontist and followed all the instructions. Now she just needs to wear her retainer every night and she may or may not need another set.

She was most excited about eating popcorn again!

Thursday, February 23, 2023


 We visited Houston to see Paul and Marcia's new house and spend time with Audrey, Kaelyn, and Hunter. We enjoyed watching basketball and softball and Maeve and Cecilia even got to practice with Audrey's softball team.

We also went to NASA, bowling and the Houston Zoo and ate delicious steak and fish, Tex-mex and Texas BBQ.

We flew home at the start of a blizzard where we ended up getting over a foot of snow - so we went from shorts and t-shirts and 75 and sunny to 0 degrees! The flight attendant gave the kids a special treat since they are medallion milers and were great on the flight!