Monday, September 14, 2020

Cabin and Summer time 2020

 We enjoyed several longer visits to our favorite Minnesota summer getaway - the cabin! While this summer didn't go exactly as planned with having to cancel our trip away to Italy, we did get to enjoy lots of good food, good wine, and good company with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve up north. We missed seeing several family members and look forward to a "normal" summer once again.

The kids loved the boat rides, the swing set, and all of the fun that Grandma and Grandpa planned for them this year. A highlight was making the bird houses with Grandpa. Grandma also entertained with several crafts and painting rocks and gave us a break to either work (yeah, this working from "home" worked out this year for us to spend more time there) or some days off. Fun new games included "yardzy" yahtzee and tic tac toe as well as badminton and learning tricks on the bar and Kyle going down the slide 100+ times.

Lots of puzzle time and a few bikes rides. We both skied (Kate hasn't skied in 7+ years) and the kids enjoyed some views of the sunset during Labor Day weekend.

We carved out special memories this summer and got to see something other than our house walls so that was special! Until next summer, Cabin, or we may visit again this Fall/Winter on special request from Maeve and Cecilia :) 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Kyle's Surgery

Kyle had surgery to get ear tubes and a circumcision revision. He was a trooper who had to fast all morning as the surgery wasn't until 12:30. The surgery was quick - 40 minutes total - and he was back in our room after about 1.5 hours. He enjoyed 5 popsicles that day and was excited to eat pizza when he got home (thanks Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve). 

Hoping for an easy recovery so we can focus on his food allergy next! We're going to learn soon if he's allergic to anything else besides eggs and a low level of strawberries. 

Distracting with some dog videos

A nice treat from Ronald McDonald house!

Yum - popsicles!

Heading out about 4 hours after we arrived!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Maeve loses her 1st Tooth

We had an exciting visit from the tooth fairy this week when Maeve lost her 1st tooth! It happened to be the day before we visited the Dentist so she was excited to tell Dr. Amey that the tooth fairy brought her $5. It was shaped like a heart and she got a certificate too. 

We were so excited to tell the Dentist that she lost her tooth that we forgot other important news that the Dentist encouraged her to stop sucking her thumb when the new tooth came in so she did that as well. We're so proud of her!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Quarantine Chronicles: Maeve's milestones

Maeve's big milestones that we took time to teach her and she mastered it very quickly are: bike riding and shoe tying. She is just loving her bike and is the "hill master." She was also a really good teacher to her little sister and let her help with her Kindergarten work and even made her sister her own video and workbook lesson.

She got used to her virtual class via the Seesaw app and seeing her friends on Zoom but has enjoyed getting back to school for Summer camp after being gone for several months.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Quarantine Chronicles: Cecilia's milestones

Cecilia did a great job keeping up with her's sister's Kindergarten lessons. She now loves to pretend to read, is excellent with her letters, and is attempting to tap out the sounds. She loves doing workbooks and also "reading" to her brother.

She likes helping Mom with the dishes and is the barista in the morning and helps Dad make his French press coffee. She enjoyed baking too!

She had some great learning opportunities from school too and kept up with her LEGO class where she even won a prize (more LEGOs).