Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring is (almost) here

Spring is here in Minnesota....well, indoors, that is! We went to the Como Park Conservatory and saw gorgeous tulips and lilies. Maeve enjoyed running around, playing with the toddler activities, and hanging out with her friend, Evan. Toddlers don't sit still to take too many pictures but I did manage to capture a few. We're excited for spring flowers to show up on our walks outside so we don't have to drive 30 minutes to see them. However, it was a really nice conservatory and we'll have to head back to the Como Zoo sometime this summer.

Eric's Notre Dame apparel was to support the Irish yesterday as they played Kentucky for a spot in the Men's Basketball Final Four. It was a nail-biting ending and we'd hoped the Irish could pull off the upset but no luck of this Irish this year.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maeve's 1st Haircut

Maeve got her first haircut today. She's 16 months old and her hair was starting to grow long in the back and for fear of growing a mullet, we decided to bring her to Kids' hair and get it cut. She was apprehensive at first but enjoyed Curious George on the TV and dad blowing bubbles. My favorite picture is when she's looking at the stylist as if to say, 'I think I look good!' We even got to keep some locks of her hair on this certificate - I've attached a picture!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish

Daddy's lucky girl, Maeve Leigh, is having a great time playing outside. She doesn't know how to be outside without a coat and hat on as you'll see in the pictures, but we didn't need them this weekend with the warm weather. She must be learning that in her new toddler room. She's enjoying school and did great with the transition. She hasn't been there a full week yet because of the stomach flu, but we're hoping we are past that now. In the pictures you'll also see her new gold Toms shoes and an Irish sweater that was handmade in Ireland by a friend of Bernadette's mom (Kate's Irish friend that she keeps in touch with).

Kate is off to fill out her March Madness Bracket. Every year she names it 'Luck of the Irish' and picks Notre Dame to go far so let's hope it works for her this year!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1 year in daycare

Today marks one year that Maeve has been at daycare. She transitioned to the toddler room yesterday where they are taking 1 nap a day and participating in more organized activities. The cost goes down and the teacher to student ratio goes up but we do have to bring our own diapers and wipes now. Maeve did great with the transition. Walked right in and started playing with her friends and eating breakfast. We'll miss Ms. B from Infant C. Can't believe she is already in her 4th classroom at school. She loves it!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Audrey's Baptism

Our goddaughter, Audrey Liana, was baptized this weekend in Houston. I (Kate) was able to attend since I was in Dallas for a work trip and thought it would be easy to make the short flight to Houston. Little did I know that there would be snow in Dallas. 4 hours late and I finally arrived on Friday night. Then I had to catch an earlier flight home because my flight was cancelled for the layover back to Dallas so it was a quick 24 hours. The baptism was wonderful. Audrey seemed to enjoy herself and Hunter and Kaelyn liked reading their bible. It was fun (and busy) to play with them on Saturday. We enjoyed playing blocks and they read us Pete the Cat books before bedtime and showed me a cool app on their phone that gets them to brush their teeth for 2 minutes. Audrey has grown up so much since the last time we saw her. Here are some pictures from the weekend.