Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Maeve's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Maeve K loved her first day! She woke up to the 1st grade families leaving a special sign in our yard! 

She enjoyed:

  • meeting new friends (even the other Maeve in her class 😮)
  • chasing the gingerbread man (a fun way to tour the school)
  • eating school lunch (ham and cheese sandwich)
  • rest time on her nap mat (I'm still trying to figure out if she actually slept but I think she did)
  • Spanish songs
  • Playing outside

She was so brave and didn't even hesitate. Mrs. Moore made it so welcoming - from meeting her last week, to assessments yesterday - Maeve (and Mom and Dad) felt so comfortable dropping her off. We arrived pretty early this morning since you never know how long daycare drop off will take so we had extra time to meet her after-school program director and make an owl craft. 

Here's a look at her schedule for the year: 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

10 Years of Marriage

10 years of marriage
9 different countries visited
8 concerts
7 different companies for work
6 cars
5 new family traditions
4 years of grad school
3 kids
2 houses
1 dog

Life is busy and this summer has just flown by with one starting daycare, one starting kindergarten (in two weeks), and activities and trying to enjoy the weather. When we look back at all we've accomplished in 10 years, we find it hard to believe, but then it seems like it's been longer than 10 years too! We're looking forward to the next 10 (which we heard just gets busier but we can't even fathom that!) In the meantime, we're looking forward to planning a trip away when we don't have as big of milestones in the kid's lives so we'll have to wait until next Fall to head to Italy.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Cecilia's eye

Cecilia has another health condition that she's working through like a champ! She met with the pediatric ophthalmologist last week and was diagnosed with Esotropia - it's a form of lazy eye. Her daycare teacher noticed it at school a few weeks ago so after several hours on the phone and trying to get an appointment, we finally got a direct referral from our pediatrician and got in last week. She'll be wearing a patch for 1-2 hours a day and hopefully we'll see improvement within 3 months and she won't require surgery! Poor girl has been through a lot this year!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Kyle is 7 months old

7 Months old today!

Kyle is now trying some puffs and mum-mums. He can get a few in his mouth but then mostly gags or throws them on the floor. He's definitely interested in lots of baby food and is now taking all formula. Besides his first ear infection last week and the chronic daycare cough, he's been pretty healthy.

He's sitting up consistently now and he's army crawling and his sisters are just so excited about that (we aren't as excited as we can't take our eyes off of him and diaper changes are like wrestling an alligator). He's getting into the stage where he loves his mommy and doesn't want me out of his sight. If he hears or sees me then I have to pick him up but he still goes to other people!

We've had several trips to the cabin over the last month and he's been a pretty good traveler. Mostly sleeps and plays in the car but we can't quite make it without stopping at least once for a diaper change or feeding so we've checked out every rest area and a few gas stations that we hadn't been to before!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Ear Infection

Kyle has his first ear infection and we've had to do the nebulizer! My poor baby. Hopefully he feels better soon!

But is still a happy baby eating his food!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sitting Up

Kyle is sitting up now. He started a few days ago and now can sit up for a few minutes until he wants something that's far away and he rolls onto his back or stomach and scoots along to get it. He's probably going to be crawling before we know it. He's such a happy, easy-going baby!

He also has tried some puffs and Mum-Mums. He's not sure what to think of them!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Kyle is 6 Months Old

Kyle is 6 months old! He had a great check-up. He loves food and grabbing for toys. He's still sleeping like a champ and is an easy-going baby. We're working on sitting up and sometimes it seems like he may crawl before he sits.

He moved to the bigger car seat and was a great traveler on his third flight.

Height: 28.74 inches (99.5%)
Weight: 17.68 lbs (55%)
Head size: 17.2 inches (63%)

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Stone Harbor 2019

We enjoyed our week long Beach vacation in Stone Harbor for the 4th of July. I have fond memories of growing up and being there at this time and was excited to create new memories with our kids. While it’s a crazy time with 3 kids, we did get to relax and unwind and enjoy time with them, Grandma Brigid and Grandpa Ed and the Garvey family. 

Highlights include:
  • Staying close to the beach - it was convenient of course, but we also loved the view and the sounds of the ocean waves
  • Springer’s ice cream - we probably tried 8 flavors at least. Maeve and Mom loved all of the coffee flavors. Cecilia loved strawberry and Dad loved Cookies and cream. 
  • Cape May carnival - we always love spending time in Cape May and at Congress Hall and this was a highlight for Maeve. They had carnival games, face painting and a train ride. Eric had to play a lot of games to have enough to get a prize! They were hard games. 
  • I always love seeing Dolphins in the ocean
  • The girls enjoyed the tide pool and then we got to find shells to bring home and we learned what they all were at the Wetlands. 
  • The Sandcastle contest was fun to see as they were making elaborate sand castles. Maeve got to putt a golf ball through one and the girls got suckers (or for the NY cousins who hadn’t heard them called that- a lollipop!) 
  • We all loved Fireworks on the beach. We got to see the show from Avalon and Stone Harbor and the girls were able to stay up late to see them. 
  • As always we had great food at Aunt Cathy and Uncle Michael’s house and Eric enjoyed the crabs and we made Houston’s spinach and artichoke dip for the delicious 4th of July ribs and fried chicken. 
  • And it’s not a great time at the shore unless there are several cousins to play with. We enjoyed meeting our cousins Hadley, Colin, Hudson and Tommy. 

It was hot all week which was great beach weather but it never cooled down so didn’t wear half the things I brought. There was a really nice park by the house but was already hot by 7:30am!

All great vacations must come to an end. Ours came to an end with a very long day driving to Philly, getting delayed an hour in the airport due to weather, sitting on the runway for 2 hours due to more weather and then finally taking off at 10:30 (5 hours late) and getting home at 1 am!! We’re all exhausted!

For all the pictures go here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/oSoWFgSghSYZGGZ68