Sunday, July 24, 2022

Walt's Celebration of Life

 We traveled to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, to celebrate Walt's life last weekend. It was nice to hear all of the great memories that Brian and Brent shared and see a slideshow of pictures from his life and travels. The kids played in the nursery with their cousins Alana, Caleb, Elijah, William and Anders. 

It was a very nice service and always great to see extended family when we can. The burial was on the grounds of the Church and we were able to enjoy time together at the Retreat Center. Brent prepared root beer floats after we ate some great Mexican food, too, which was a nice memory of Walt. 

While we were out there we visited Hershey Chocolate World and rode the ride that showed how they make chocolate. The girls tried Jolly Rancher slushies and we filled a bag full of candy of course. The next day on the way to the airport in Baltimore, we noticed a nail in our rental car tire but decided to try to drive it the 90 miles and luckily it didn't lose that much tire pressure and we made it safely to the Baltimore area. Since our flight wasn't until the evening, we stopped at the National Aquarium. We saw the biggest stingray, enjoyed dolphins swimming and a hidden animal (turtle) show, and saw several types of jellyfish. From there we went to enjoy some crab across the street from the Aquarium. It was a nice weekend to be together and remember the importance of family time. We landed back in Minneapolis with the sun setting so the kids were excited about that.

Monday, July 4, 2022

4th of July 2022

 We enjoyed a fun long weekend at the cabin with the Kirchner family. We ate great food and had really good weather, except for the time we finally got out on the boat and then it started pouring so we hurried back and hung out under the canopy for 10 minutes while it passed through. The cousins enjoyed playing on the swing set, tubing, and Maeve and Cecilia enjoyed water skiing with the ski trainer. Kyle also had fun on the jet ski and that was Kyle's 1st time tubing! The kids also shared a bedroom and luckily all slept great. It was helpful that they were so worn out after the days of activities.

The 4th of July festivities included:

  • 2 piƱatas
  • family pictures
  • boating around after bedtime to catch the fireworks
  • making fun desserts, including homemade ice cream
  • festive drinks