Monday, November 18, 2019

Maeve's 6 year check-up

Maeve had a great check-up. She was very nervous and in tears about the potential of a shot. Last time I brought her was to get her flu shot so for weeks leading up to the appointment and when we pulled into the parking lot, there were a lot of questions and tears. Luckily we got all the shots she needed so nothing for the 6 year old.

Stats below:
Height: 46.22 inches (70%)
Weight: 46.63 lbs (61%)

Grandma Jan was there to help too (since she went with Cecilia to her Pediatric Ophthalmologist appointment this week).

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Kyle is 10 months old

Kyle is 10 months old! He is babbling a lot, doesn't like his mom out of his sight, and is a smiley and happy baby (except when I try to take the monthly photo!!). He's still sleeping like a champ and likes most foods that we put in front of him. His favorite is pasta but oh so messy!!

He enjoyed his first trip to the Children's Museum and we can't believe that it was his last week in the Infant A classroom. Our baby is getting so big!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Maeve is 6

Well, Maeve, you are 6 years old today. 6 years ago you made us parents and we are so proud of your love for school, your family, and how much you've grown over the last year. You became a big sister again and are always kind to your brother and sister.

We had quite the day to celebrate Maeve. We had some highlights like presents and reading at Maeve's school. That was definitely our favorite part of the day.

But...mostly it was a slight disaster.
We had swimming on her birthday night so we went to dinner at McCormick and Schmick's the night before. Online it said they had mussels, her favorite food. But of course when we got there we figured out that they were out of season so she was really sad that she wasn't going to get her favorite food. She ended up ordering and loving her salmon and Cecilia and Kyle were good at the restaurant so it wasn't a complete disaster. I was determined to get her a favorite dish so we headed to Trader Joe's where I had purchased mussels a month or so ago and made them myself. Of course, no luck. So we got some donuts for the morning celebration instead.

On her birthday, we started the day at 5:45am and Maeve loved her presents from her family. But Cecilia didn't really understand the rules of the birthday so she was quite the pill trying to open or play with Maeve's presents. Luckily Kyle was sleeping through it all - until 7:30!! I made star shaped pancakes and she loved those but just trying to get out of the house, set up birthday gifts (she got the new Osmo app from us and loves it but we should've set it up beforehand!), and get the kids dressed made for a crazy morning. In the midst of it all we told her she didn't have to wear her uniform because we had a pass for her. She mentioned that it was a Mass day (Wednesday) so that we had tears when we had to tell her that a 'no uniform day' wasn't accepted on Mass day. I was really sad too since her birthday hadn't really gone the way she wanted and mostly because of us! So I emailed her teacher to let her know the situation as Maeve was convinced that no one would remember her birthday if she had her uniform on (since other kids didn't wear one on their birthday).

So I drop of Cecilia and Kyle and check my e-mail before leaving daycare and see that her teacher e-mailed me back and said she didn't have to wear a uniform. So I race back home to get a shirt that she can change into and walk her into school so I understand what she can do. So she ended up changing after Mass (her choice!).

The highlight, as I mentioned above, was reading to her school. They put on a wonderful birthday program with a special birthday chair, song, and we brought in a book to read, a book to donate and baby pictures. The kids got to ask questions and compare her picture to what she looks like now. They were so cute. She looks different as a baby because "she had no hair" and what's the same is that "she has the same eyes!" They wanted to know what she was going to have for dinner (she said tacos...haha...when she really wanted "chicken on a bone"), what the theme of her birthday party was, and what presents she got. It was really a nice program!

Then the evening came....we went to swimming where she did a great job (and Cecilia too) but then she was upset about the shower in the locker rooms, the upcoming doctor's appointment that Cecilia has with the eye doctor tomorrow that Grandma Jan gets to come to (as Maeve wants Grandma to come to her doctor's appt on Friday - of which we've had to talk at length about the fact that she won't be getting a shot...hopefully) and then she threw away her favorite toothbrush...cue more tears...
So the night ended like the day began and we're exhausted. Which is probably how we've felt most often over the last 6 years!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech

Maeve and Cecilia got to attend their first Notre Dame football game. We enjoyed the weekend in South Bend and watching the Irish beat Virginia Tech in the final seconds of the game. We visited with Uncle Michael and he and Eric stayed until the end to see the dramatic finish. Grandpa Ed and I headed out at the end of the 3rd quarter to get the girls home. The games last so long and it felt like 35 degrees so we decided it would be best to get back inside.

Always fun to get on campus and play with Grandma and Grandpa's toys! The kids did great on the airplane as always - even Kyle with his ear infection.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Halloween 2019

Kyle was sick for his 1st Halloween so Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve watched him for the day. He did get to go trick-or-treating at their house later that night! Luckily we had dressed the kids up in their costumes for an event at daycare the prior weekend so we got some good pics of the fierce dragon and his princess sisters - Ariel and Aurora.

Mom and Dad had a ton of fun hiding in the woods at Maeve's school as she set out to find the Great Pumpkin. Surprise - there were 100 parents in the bushes waiting to hand out treats. The kids were so excited. We saw all her friends and enjoyed dressing up. Luckily Maeve and Cecilia picked out warm costumes for us at the Halloween store - Mommy and Daddy Shark as it was a cool morning.

Cecilia and Maeve loved trick-or-treating with the neighbors and then heading to Grandma and Grandpa's house. They sorted their candy and are looking forward to eating it all (it may take us 6 months!) We also enjoyed decorating pumpkins this year and carving one!