Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech

Maeve and Cecilia got to attend their first Notre Dame football game. We enjoyed the weekend in South Bend and watching the Irish beat Virginia Tech in the final seconds of the game. We visited with Uncle Michael and he and Eric stayed until the end to see the dramatic finish. Grandpa Ed and I headed out at the end of the 3rd quarter to get the girls home. The games last so long and it felt like 35 degrees so we decided it would be best to get back inside.

Always fun to get on campus and play with Grandma and Grandpa's toys! The kids did great on the airplane as always - even Kyle with his ear infection.

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  1. Grandpa Ed and I loved having all of you in South Bend for a fun weekend! We are glad that Maeve and Cecilia enjoyed the game. And I enjoyed taking care of sweet Kyle.