Friday, May 27, 2022

Eric and Kate in Cabo

 Last month, we got to go on an award trip from my work to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. We are thankful for Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve who watched our kids for the 6 day vacation.

We were spoiled with a stay at the Montage Los Cabos and all-expenses paid for dinners, drinks, and activities.

We went deep sea fishing where the waves were really big. Others on the boat were sick but I had a ginger candy and Eric took dramamine so we were both good. I got to reel in the first fish that was a large yellowfin tuna. Eric tried to reel in another one and we lost it at the end. What I enjoyed most was that we got to bring it back to the hotel and they cooked it 3 ways for us. I did not try it rare but the ceviche and grilled fish was amazing.

We also went on a boat tour to see the Land's End and Gateway to the Pacific. Cabo isn't much of a swimming destination as the water has really bad rip tides and current so we enjoyed the pool and seeing the ocean from the boats.

We enjoyed sunrise kayaking and a couple's massage as well.

We explored both towns - Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos. Of course we preferred Los Cabos as it was a quaint town and not too touristy. Had wonderful Mexican food! 

We had really phenomenal food for the whole trip but the Farm to Table experience at Flora Farms was amazing.

So blessed to get away for some time and see a new part of the world.

Choir Concert

 The girls had a wonderful Choir concert in the Church where they sang and motioned to the songs.  Cecilia also got to play the triangle in one of the songs. We are now listening to some on repeat on Cecilia's playlist!

Monday, May 23, 2022

Mother's Day

 We had a wonderful day hosting the Grandparents at our house for Mother's Day. Eric made a gourmet dinner including:

  • grilled shrimp
  • beef tenderloin
  • balsamic mushrooms
  • watermelon sparkling wine
  • chocolate mousse
  • potatoes
We enjoyed the company!

1st Dentist for Kyle

 Kyle had his first dentist appointment and he did a great job with a full cleaning. The girls went to a different dentist when they were 3 and didn't have a full cleaning so was happy that he did so well. It helped to have Peppa Pig on the ceiling TV to watch and to see his big sisters get their teeth cleaned too.

We ended up at this dentist because our old one had a fit (well the receptionist did) when we brought the kids, fully masked, and Kyle coughed in the lobby as we were checking in. They turned us all away and since this was a re-schedule from several months ago we decided we should see another pediatric dentist that would bring less stress to the whole process. We liked our experience at the new place. Next stop is the Orthodontist for Maeve.