Sunday, December 29, 2019

Christmas Time

So many updates for this Christmas and the month of December. We enjoyed so many things so we'll highlight a few here.

Kyle's First Christmas - he was sick with a double ear infection and we're currently on the 2nd round of meds that we hope are working. Poor guy also had nebulizer treatments and just wasn't himself for the whole week! We have enjoyed watching him enjoy his toys since Christmas like his sit-to-stand train that he got from Santa.

Another fun addition was Kyle's new stocking made by Grandma Jan and the day she spent with the girls making cookies for Santa!

 We enjoyed time with cousins on Christmas Eve and for the Kirchner Family Christmas.

Another new thing during Christmas time this year was Maeve's Christmas Concert. She did a great job!

She also enjoyed a Christmas art class where she's turning into quite the artist!

Cecilia, our strong and brave girl, unfortunately missed her Christmas concert at school because she had to have eye surgery. She's recovered from it now and we'll know in about 3 months if she'll need another surgery. They moved a muscle in both eyes because of crossed eyes that had been dormant for 3 years. She had an MRI, too, in order to confirm that it was congenital and luckily that scan was all clear.

And lastly, we made the rounds with Santa this year and captured some great moments! We hope all of our family and friends had a great Christmas!