Wednesday, June 21, 2023

New Mexico

 Highlights of the trip:

  • Kate's 48th state (and Maeve's 26th and Cecilia's 25th and Kyle's 22nd)
  • The food - lunch at The Range on Route 66, sopapillas and great food and atmosphere at El Pinto, tacos from the food truck
  • Horseback riding at the hotel at Tamaya Stables - Kate on Cat, Maeve on Fancy, and Cecilia on Split
  • Seeing family - Kate's cousin David, Aubrey, Madeleine and Lauren and Grandma Jan's cousin, Ruth
  • Hotel activities - swimming, volleyball, bike riding, tennis
  • Santa Fe - shopping, the mysterious spiral staircase at The Loretto Chapel, and the oldest Church, and wine tasting
  • Albuquerque - Old town and a good coffee stop after hiking a mile or so at the Petroglyph National monument- Maeve wasn't feeling well (and 5 days leading up to the trip) so we didn't do as much as we had planned in ABQ 

And funny memories:

  • Locked the keys in the car at El Pinto and Roadside assistance had to come help us out (for $70)
  • Kate dropped her sunglasses in the toilet
  • Kate got pooped on by a bird
  • Cecilia got her necklace stuck in the booth at the Plaza Cafe 15 minutes after we bought it and after 20 minutes of trying to dismantle the booth and found a lot of old french fries and saw the necklace but couldn't quite reach it so we went to but another one

Monday, June 5, 2023

End of 3rd and 1st grade

 Maeve ended her 3rd grade year with Ms Elsey and Cecilia with Ms Roche in 1st grade.

Maeve will no longer where the uniform with jumper as she enters 4th grade!

They are both ready for summer break!

Final days at Primrose

 We just ended our time at Primrose - our daycare for the last 9+ years. We have so many fond memories from all of the kids' time there. I'll highlight the last days there for Kyle and the memories from his time at Primrose as I have previously documented the girls' memories from their time.