Wednesday, June 21, 2023

New Mexico

 Highlights of the trip:

  • Kate's 48th state (and Maeve's 26th and Cecilia's 25th and Kyle's 22nd)
  • The food - lunch at The Range on Route 66, sopapillas and great food and atmosphere at El Pinto, tacos from the food truck
  • Horseback riding at the hotel at Tamaya Stables - Kate on Cat, Maeve on Fancy, and Cecilia on Split
  • Seeing family - Kate's cousin David, Aubrey, Madeleine and Lauren and Grandma Jan's cousin, Ruth
  • Hotel activities - swimming, volleyball, bike riding, tennis
  • Santa Fe - shopping, the mysterious spiral staircase at The Loretto Chapel, and the oldest Church, and wine tasting
  • Albuquerque - Old town and a good coffee stop after hiking a mile or so at the Petroglyph National monument- Maeve wasn't feeling well (and 5 days leading up to the trip) so we didn't do as much as we had planned in ABQ 

And funny memories:

  • Locked the keys in the car at El Pinto and Roadside assistance had to come help us out (for $70)
  • Kate dropped her sunglasses in the toilet
  • Kate got pooped on by a bird
  • Cecilia got her necklace stuck in the booth at the Plaza Cafe 15 minutes after we bought it and after 20 minutes of trying to dismantle the booth and found a lot of old french fries and saw the necklace but couldn't quite reach it so we went to but another one

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