Friday, July 22, 2016

Cecilia rolled over

A big milestone for Cecilia! She rolled over all on her own. She did it about 10 times last night - from her back to her front. Maeve was so proud of her little sister and exclaimed that she's "a big girl now" and then proceeded to show us how she can roll over!

Cecilia is also cooing a lot and starting to laugh a little. She did great at school this week, finishing all her bottles and napping for 3 hours both today and yesterday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wittenborg Wedding Weekend

We had such a great weekend watching Jack, Eric's cousin, marry Shelby. They had a wonderful groom's dinner, wedding and reception. Highlights include dinner at Wildfire with no kids, Eric riding on the bus from the wedding to the reception, a beer garden with craft brews at the reception and beautiful flowers and dress on Shelby!

Eric was an usher in the wedding so Grandpa Ed and Grandma Brigid came up to watch the girls. Maeve and Cecilia enjoyed spending time with their grandparents. Maeve showed Grandma and Grandpa how she likes to help give Cecilia a bath, read books, take pictures on the iPhone ("say cheese") and play with bubbles and chalk outside. Cecilia showed off some new tricks, too. She rolled over from her back to her front, cooed a lot, and 'spit' as Maeve says when she was trying to talk. She's a happy baby even when she should be hungry. Both Grandma Brigid and Cecilia's daycare teachers have told us that she really doesn't cry much when she's hungry. So it's hard to know when to feed her and if she's not hungry, she will refuse to eat. There was a little bit of wasted milk this weekend and waking Mom up twice a night but that's been going on for 10 days or so now. It makes for a long work day but luckily we were both able to sleep in and take naps this weekend when we had help.

On Sunday night, we took Grandpa Ed and Maeve to their first St. Paul Saints game. Even though the Saints didn't play that well (Lost 14-6), we enjoyed the beautiful weather and new stadium. At the beginning of the game, a foul ball came near us and Eric pushed me out of the way while I was holding food. I yelled at him for not moving Maeve out of the way first. After that Maeve got really quiet but we thought she was just overwhelmed by everything at the stadium. Turns out she was sad because "Dad pushed Mom and Mom yelled." She brought it up when we got home and the next morning! Guess that will be her memory of the game. She remembers everything and is "just like her father" with her memory (as I say for a lot of things like when she wakes up early or eats jellybeans, which she in turn repeats!!)

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July!

Happy 240th Birthday America!  We've spent the last few days up at the cabin enjoying time with the extended family.  While it's been a bit cooler than years past its still been a great time with everyone.

Maeve enjoyed singing "Raise Raise the Flag" numerous times, eating homemade vanilla ice cream courtesy of Steve and Terry (a Kirchner tradition for many years) and Maeve enjoyed peeking over the top of the counter to sneak some caterpillars (gummi worms), delicious BBQ and a smoked turkey, running around with Will and of course what 4th of July would be complete without some extremely noisy fireworks.  Cecilia managed to sleep through the fireworks, but they were too noisy for Maeve and woke her up scared.  Thanks to Grandma Jan, we were able to settle her back down for a solid night of sleep.

After all the pictures Mommy and Daddy took, running around chasing Will, playing with Aunt's and Uncle's both girls enjoyed some much needed sleep!!

We're about to head back home once Maeve wakes up from her nap.  Hope everyone's had a safe and exciting holiday weekend with family like we have!