Monday, June 24, 2024


 We had a great visit for a long weekend in Boise. Favorites include:

  • Mountain rollercoaster and trampoline on Bogus Basin
  • Catching minnows in the river
  • Holding frogs from the pond
  • Swimming in their pool and learning how to dive
  • Eric cleaned the grill for several hours and he an Anne made some delicious meals, and we all enjoyed eating fresh fruit and veggies from the garden
  • Eric enjoyed walking Holly for miles every morning
  • Creating, directing, and starring in their own movie - A boy named Peter
  • Celebrating an early 40th birthday with a beautiful cake

Dislikes include getting splinters - Cecilia got 1 and Kyle got 7!! Luckily Anne had a kit that helped get them out

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Father's Day weekend at the cabin

 Ed and Brigid came up to the cabin for Father's Day weekend. We missed Jan and Steve but were grateful to spend the time up there as the kids love to be there. Maeve tried skiing and is very close to getting up. We kayaked with loons, saw loon babies, and took a boat tour of the lake. We also tried a new ice cream and shaved ice place and played a lot of games.

School year 2023-2024

 We no longer have a pre-schooler. Kyle finished PreK at OLG and had a great year. He made a lot of new friends and his favorites are Leni and Esme, received the "Great ideas" award from Mrs McLeod and is ready for Kindergarten next year. Maeve enjoyed 4th grade with her teacher, Mrs. Sterne, and enjoyed science projects and book reports as well as the end of year report on the Great Barrier Reef. Cecilia finished out 2nd year with new sacraments and a great time with Mrs. Brekke. They are ready for summer!

Nashville with Kristin and Jay

 We went on a couple's trip to Nashville for Memorial Day weekend while Jan and Steve watched the kids at the lake. They had a great time at the lake and we enjoyed our time in Nashville as we hadn't been for 7 years. We stayed at the Omni and celebrated 40th birthdays. We ate great food at The Hampton Social, Husk, Yolan and Hattie B's hot chicken. We listed to great music at the Listening Room and just about all the places we went. They even had live music while out shopping where I got a new pair of cowboy boots at Freebird and excited to wear them more than my original pair from several years ago.