Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2 year old check-up

Maeve had a great check-up today at the doctor! She doesn't have to go back for a well check until she's 3 so let's hope she stays healthy.

Height: 34" (49%)
Weight: 27.6 lbs (75%)
Head Size: 19.2" (90%)


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Maeve is 2

We celebrated Maeve's 2nd Birthday at school and dinner out last night plus a Kirchner family party tonight. I know it's cliche but it really is hard to believe how fast 2 years have flown by! Our toddler is so caring to others, very energetic (up most days by 6am), and polite (says please, thank you, and bless you now).

We enjoyed visiting her at school yesterday where she said 'Maeve don't like it (cupcake)' and refused to try a bite. Eric ate it for her. She had crackers instead. We then opened presents from the Edmonds family and headed to dinner. She "sat" in a booster seat for the first time but we prefer when she's strapped in since she kept standing up on the booster. She enjoyed fruit and french fries and a few bites of ribs.

To prepare for the party, Maeve helped get the trail mix bar ready and helped herself to some (mostly M & M's). We saved her favorite meal for the night of her party - Aunt Cathy Garvey's macaroni ricotta casserole. She had two helpings and enjoyed it as you'll tell from the picture. She has loved that meal every time we've made it! For the party, we also enjoyed Dairy Queen cake but again she said 'no cake' and 'no happy birthday' but we sang to her anyway and she tried a few bites of my ice cream. She spit out the chocolate and just ate the vanilla. She's just like her mommy :)

At the party we also enjoyed a photo booth, coloring Mickey and Minnie, and opening presents. Maeve loves all of the gifts that she received even though she was overwhelmed after opening a few of them :) Handmade gifts by Grandma Jan (a beautiful hat) and Aunt Laura (zipper bags with toddler toys in them to keep her entertained in the car and on the plane) will be very useful in the coming months.

Thanks to all who helped celebrate her birthday! Happy 2nd Birthday, Maeve Leigh. Enjoy some of the pictures we took last weekend. We even got Sadie in a few of them although a toddler and a dog are hard to keep still.