Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter 2017

We had so much fun celebrating Easter last weekend. We continued our celebration from Cecilia's birthday on Saturday to dying Easter eggs, going to Church, eating at the Arboretum, and an egg hunt and dinner at Jan and Steve's house on Sunday. The Easter bunny brought lots of fun things like Elsa bandaids, bubbles, books, and clothes and then Grandma Jan put together a fun egg hunt for the kids where they got candy!

We enjoyed Cecilia's 1st Easter and got to hang out with two other cute cousins that were also enjoying their first Easter - Ben and Payton.

So grateful to have our family in town from Boise and South Bend and looking forward to more holidays and memories!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cecilia's 1st Birthday Party

Look at the face of this birthday girl who had a double ear infection for her party and we didn't even know it! Poor thing!! She was a trooper though and enjoyed opening her presents in 5 minutes and liked the box with the tricycle in it the most (of course!) and was cautious about her smash cake.

We enjoyed having family in town and especially Aunt Anne who flew with Finnegan and Benjamin to celebrate with us. Finn was happy to eat cake and drink chocolate milk. While Maeve didn't enjoy those things, they both liked helping Cecilia open her presents and play with her new toys. Her cousin Payton also joined us at the party and gave her some cute clothes!

Since it was Easter weekend, we decided to celebrate"Some bunny turning 1!' We can't believe this little bunny picture when she was a few days old.

The food that Dad made was delicious. We had a shrimp boil with a bunny cake from Queen of Cakes and ice cream from Izzy's.

Cecilia is thankful for all who came to celebrate turning "1" and writing nice notes of memories from the first year. We're looking forward to celebrating the next year of milestones that hopefully involves being healthy and sleeping through the night (as well as the typical walking and talking!).