Sunday, November 19, 2017

Maeve's 4th Year Check-Up

Maeve was a brave girl for her 4th year check up.


Height: 40.59 in

Weight: 35.58 lbs

She did great with her vision test and ok with her hearing test. We may watch the hearing more because she wants us to repeat a lot of what we say to her but I'm sure it's selective hearing!!

She got 1 shot and wasn't happy about it. We went to "McMcDonald's" for breakfast but she was disappointed that they didn't have happy meals and then she didn't have anything to eat. Apparently the hashbrown was too crumbly and the smoothie was too cold. What a crazy girl!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Maeve's 4th Birthday

Maeve turned 4 this year and we celebrated with a party with the Kirchner family on November 4th, a dinner the night before her birthday, and with friends at school and at gymnastics on the 13th. She loved seeing her family, opening gifts, and eating ice cream. She didn't want cake so we had ice cream and candy for her Doc McStuffins themed party. She loves playing doctor so she picked the theme a few months ago. I found the cute shirt on etsy but then after getting such fabulous dress up clothes for her party, she quickly changed into the Elsa dress. I don't think we'll get away from princesses for several years! We also ordered her favorite food - pizza - and then it happened to be pizza night at gymnastics so she got some that night too!

Thank you to all our family for celebrating with us - both near and far - and for the generous gifts!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Belle and Chip had a great time trick-or-treating last night. They both love candy so we were able to get Cecilia to sit in the wagon for a few houses and eat a Tootsie Lollipop (one of her favorites). Maeve enjoyed running from house to house with the neighbor friend, Lucy, until she fell down and skinned her knee. She recovered pretty quickly because she loves candy.

We had a great time even though it was a bit chilly!

Healdsburg, California

Eric and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend away last weekend. We ate great food and drank great wine. We were lucky that the Northern California wildfires were mostly contained. We didn't see many remnants of it except for driving down 101 near Santa Rosa. We're glad that we were able to both donate to help those that are less fortunate in the area and support the local businesses that were experiencing slow downs since a lot of people cancelled their plans to the area.

Our Air Bnb worked out really nice and we were able to enjoy one of the days with friends that recently moved to San Francisco.

Thank you to Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve and all the family members for helping out while we were gone. We felt relaxed for a day or two and then reality sets back in with work and a toddler and almost 4 year old!!