Saturday, January 24, 2015

First visit to the ER

This week was busy! On Monday morning we were told that there was RSV in Maeve's classroom and that is was really contagious. By Wednesday, Maeve had the virus. She was sent home from daycare with a fever so we watched for signs of RSV. At 3am on Wednesday night, we awoke to Maeve crying and rapidly breathing so we called Children's to see if she should be seen. By 4:30, we were checked in and they were monitoring her oxygen level and breathing. Maeve didn't enjoy the nose test that they had to do to confirm she had RSV, and Mom didn't enjoy the nose bleed that came after it! The nurse even said that the bleeding rarely happens but it was the 2nd time that night and it happened to another Maeve just down the hall. What are the odds of having 2 girls named Maeve on the same night. After the commotion, Maeve took a snooze in Mom's arms and they were able to monitor her levels. She was a trooper! We were there for about 3 hours.

The next day Grandma Kirchner and Mom went to the follow-up appointment with the pediatrician and they tried the nebulizer - Maeve cried the whole time - so we didn't proceed with any more of those treatments. They said it could get worse before it gets better but luckily today, Saturday, she seems to be doing much better. Hoping this trend continues and she can go back to daycare. But thankfully Grandma and Grandpa Kirchner were home and Maeve enjoyed her time with them. Not a bad view last night of the sunset over the lake.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's "Warm" in January

With this unseasonably "warm" weather in January in Minnesota (mid 30's), we decided to go outside all weekend! We went to the Minnesota Zoo with our new membership where Kate experienced her first time at a zoo when snow was on the ground. Maeve enjoyed the monkeys and running around the tropical rainforest. We had a great time with Maeve's friend, Charlotte, oh and her parent too (Craig and Meredith) and look forward to many more weekends at the zoo. On Sunday, we went to an Ice Castle nearby. It was spectacular. Maeve didn't quite know how to walk on the snow/ice in her new boots (which was actually great for taking pictures), and Mom and Dad were glad that we didn't have to wait in line to see Elsa and Ana from Frozen. Our day will come for that!

Mom and Dad even snuck in a movie at home last night using Amazon prime. Free movie with Denzel Washington - The Great Debaters - was awesome (and, yes I know we are behind the times when it comes to movies)!

We had so much time to enjoy things since Maeve was back to short cat naps all weekend. We're thinking it's time to transition to one nap a day! Besides running around and keeping us busy, Maeve enjoys brushing her teeth (well, her favorite part is actually putting the toothbrush in the holder), bringing Sadie her dog toys and mastering the sign "more" with her hands (which gets her a lot of smiles and food).

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Texas for Christmas

Enjoy these pictures from our Christmas trip to Texas with Kate's family. We enjoyed time in Fredericksburg and Austin, Texas. Fredericksburg was a great town with plenty of shopping, beer, wine tasting, and German restaurants. We enjoyed the good food and being within walking distance to town. In Austin, we stayed with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mike and explored the capitol and downtown Austin. Maeve loved visiting her 13th state, all of which she visited in 2014. Maeve tried brats and sauerkraut but didn't care for the sauerkraut (just like her mom). She really enjoyed playing with her older cousins, Hunter and Kaelyn, and seeing Finn and Audrey from a distance (she's not quite old enough to play nicely with the babies). Besides meeting her newest first cousin, Audrey, she also met her second cousins in Austin. Kate's Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie have 4 grandchildren in Austin - Thomas, Mary Kate, Sarah, and John. She loved playing with them outside on the one warm day (65 degrees) and watching Notre Dame beat LSU in the bowl game. Besides a minor snafu with our luggage with Maeve's clothes in it not making it on our direct flight from Minneapolis and having to spend 3 hours at Chick-Fil-A near the airport, our travel adventures with Maeve were pretty good. Now we just need to knock her of the habit of getting up every night before we head back to work on Monday and then we'll all be good!!

We hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends during this holiday season!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Rocked!

Happy New Year! 2014 rocked. Maeve had a big year. She learned how to sit, stand, walk and crawl....what huge milestones. We also traveled near and far to see friends and family this past year. We are thankful for our health and are looking forward to a new year with new milestones and travel adventures!