Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's "Warm" in January

With this unseasonably "warm" weather in January in Minnesota (mid 30's), we decided to go outside all weekend! We went to the Minnesota Zoo with our new membership where Kate experienced her first time at a zoo when snow was on the ground. Maeve enjoyed the monkeys and running around the tropical rainforest. We had a great time with Maeve's friend, Charlotte, oh and her parent too (Craig and Meredith) and look forward to many more weekends at the zoo. On Sunday, we went to an Ice Castle nearby. It was spectacular. Maeve didn't quite know how to walk on the snow/ice in her new boots (which was actually great for taking pictures), and Mom and Dad were glad that we didn't have to wait in line to see Elsa and Ana from Frozen. Our day will come for that!

Mom and Dad even snuck in a movie at home last night using Amazon prime. Free movie with Denzel Washington - The Great Debaters - was awesome (and, yes I know we are behind the times when it comes to movies)!

We had so much time to enjoy things since Maeve was back to short cat naps all weekend. We're thinking it's time to transition to one nap a day! Besides running around and keeping us busy, Maeve enjoys brushing her teeth (well, her favorite part is actually putting the toothbrush in the holder), bringing Sadie her dog toys and mastering the sign "more" with her hands (which gets her a lot of smiles and food).

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  1. Looks like a wonderful outing to see the animals and the ice castle.