Saturday, April 26, 2014

First baseball game

We had a great day at the game and the Twins won 5-3 vs. Detroit. Mom and dad enjoyed pork tacos, beer, wine, brats and fries. We took pictures with TC and sat in the Legends club. Maeve slept through most of the game. I guess she learned that from her Grandpa Ed and Great Uncle Mike (see attached picture from a Twins game in 2011).

Mom's first work trip

Well, I survived....barely! I'll share a few lessons that I  shared with my new moms group:

Lesson #1: bathrooms do not have plugs. Put batteries in your breast pump- 8 of them!! Not 4! 

Lesson #2: Don't sit in a middle or window seat. Airlines overbook your flight and I was either next to someone who took up half my seat or who smoked too many packs of cigarettes before getting on the plane.

Lesson #3: I am never pumping and traveling again. They took out every bag and had to put it through a machine and one was leaking. It was a mess!

Lesson #4: Kate and elevation out west (was in Salt Lake City) do not mix well! Bloody nose, almost passed out, dry skin rash, pumping not working.....the list goes on!


I'm just glad to be home!! So yesterday Maeve tried formula. Still not taking a bottle that well at home (just at daycare) so we'll see how this goes!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daddy's Angel

Well Mom's off traveling in Utah for business and Maeve has been a little angel for Dad!  Grandma Kirchner came over last night to help with bath time and to watch Maeve while Dad cleaned bottles and got the garbage ready for weekly pickup.  Maeve only had a little of the bottle last night so I expected her to wake up in the middle of the night, but she was tired!  She slept from 8 - 630 without waking up at all!

Since last night's bottle feeding didn't go excellent I wasn't sure how it would go this morning, but she finished the first bottle and wanted more, then proceeded to finish the second, and then the third.....and finally stopped after four bottles (6 ounces later)!  Dad was pleased but wasn't ready for all of the bottle switching!

She took all five bottles at daycare today too (another 20 ounces) without a problem, so a very good eating day!  She was fussy and tired tonight and allowed me to read a few stories with her before an early bedtime of 745.  All smiles here :)  Sadie is feeling neglected for walks but the weather is cool and rainy today so she isn't missing much!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Boise Trip

We're back from Boise and we've finished hosting Easter for Eric's family yesterday.  The purpose of the trip was to meet Finn, our newest nephew!  Kate's sister Anne welcomed Finn into the world on April 9th.  Eric was able to come to Boise for 72 hours and helped grill dinner each night along with helping out around the house and visiting Zoo Boise.  (Don't ask us why they don't call it the Boise Zoo).  He had a great time, but the trip was too short.  Kate and Maeve were able to spend the entire week out there with Finn and company.  They enjoyed nice walks outside in the beautiful weather, 1st swing ride on the playground, met Anne's chickens, as well as spending some quality time with Kate's family.  In addition our family was able to enjoy a short hiking trip through the Military Reserve.

Kate is off to her 1st work trip tomorrow since Maeve's been born - Salt Lake City, Utah.  Dad will be home with Sadie and Maeve for 2 nights.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Maeve's first Easter was filled with family and good weather (finally!). It was 75 degrees out and we had Eric's family over for Easter brunch. We went to Our Lady of Grace at 7:30am and Maeve stayed awake the whole time (even though it was her nap time). She then took a few short naps before our family came over - I guess she was anticipating all of the fun and couldn't nap! Watch the slideshow below to see a few pictures from the day (and an Easter picture we took in Boise last week).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Food

Maeve ate her first food on Sunday in Boise. She tried Gerber Rice Cereal and seemed to enjoy the spoon more than the cereal. We've fed her rice cereal for the past two days and she really seems to like it.  We're excited to start introducing new food into her diet. Tomorrow we will try carrots. Right now it's all about taste and texture, not a replacement to milk so we're still eating about 7 times a day.

Here's a video.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

5 months old

Maeve is 5 months old. She is doing well at daycare - finger painting, singing songs, and smiling. Maeve is rolling over occasionally and still loves to be held. She has slept through the night (from 8pm-6am) for about a month now. We are currently in Boise visiting Maeve's newest cousin, Finnegan Patrick Purl. More pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Mom got a call from school yesterday that Maeve wasn't taking a bottle as well as she usually does.  Considering Dad had experienced a similar problem over the weekend and Mom even had some difficulty in nursing, we decided after work we would take her to the "Ready Care" in Maple Grove.  Dad called on his way home from work at 6 and they had no wait, so we figured we would quick eat our dinner and then make the trip.

Note to self - don't do that again!  It went from no wait to about 15 people in the waiting room, so we waited close to an hour before she could be seen.  Turns out she has an ear infection in her left ear!  Not too surprising though considering Dad had his first around 4 months and Mom had her first around 6 months.  Dad flew 2 days later to Pennsylvania when he had his first infection, so we're hoping Maeve can pull through for us on our trip to Boise on Saturday!

For now no fever and she doesn't appear to be bothered too much by it other than eating times.  She slept well through the night, so we will see if anything changes.  She still has a bit of a cough too that she's had for the better part of the past 2 weeks.  After Dad dropped the girls off at home, he went back out to get the medicine for Maeve - the 5 day Z Pack.  I told Mom she takes after Mom because Mom always seems to get ear infections about 3 days before we travel too!

It wasn't a complete waste of a night though - the pediatrician was located in a strip mall right next to a local appliance store.  While we were waiting to be seen by the Dr, Dad went next door and picked out a wine fridge for our new China Cabinet that our cabinet maker is in the process of building!

P.S. Maeve weighs a healthy 15 pounds now!