Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Daddy's Angel

Well Mom's off traveling in Utah for business and Maeve has been a little angel for Dad!  Grandma Kirchner came over last night to help with bath time and to watch Maeve while Dad cleaned bottles and got the garbage ready for weekly pickup.  Maeve only had a little of the bottle last night so I expected her to wake up in the middle of the night, but she was tired!  She slept from 8 - 630 without waking up at all!

Since last night's bottle feeding didn't go excellent I wasn't sure how it would go this morning, but she finished the first bottle and wanted more, then proceeded to finish the second, and then the third.....and finally stopped after four bottles (6 ounces later)!  Dad was pleased but wasn't ready for all of the bottle switching!

She took all five bottles at daycare today too (another 20 ounces) without a problem, so a very good eating day!  She was fussy and tired tonight and allowed me to read a few stories with her before an early bedtime of 745.  All smiles here :)  Sadie is feeling neglected for walks but the weather is cool and rainy today so she isn't missing much!


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