Monday, April 21, 2014

Boise Trip

We're back from Boise and we've finished hosting Easter for Eric's family yesterday.  The purpose of the trip was to meet Finn, our newest nephew!  Kate's sister Anne welcomed Finn into the world on April 9th.  Eric was able to come to Boise for 72 hours and helped grill dinner each night along with helping out around the house and visiting Zoo Boise.  (Don't ask us why they don't call it the Boise Zoo).  He had a great time, but the trip was too short.  Kate and Maeve were able to spend the entire week out there with Finn and company.  They enjoyed nice walks outside in the beautiful weather, 1st swing ride on the playground, met Anne's chickens, as well as spending some quality time with Kate's family.  In addition our family was able to enjoy a short hiking trip through the Military Reserve.

Kate is off to her 1st work trip tomorrow since Maeve's been born - Salt Lake City, Utah.  Dad will be home with Sadie and Maeve for 2 nights.


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  1. Great pictures! It was wonderful to be with all of you. Before you know it, Maeve and Finn will be playing together.