Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We started off with great news this weekend that our newest niece, Payton Ashley, was born to Scott and Morgan. We were so excited to meet her when she was a few hours old when we stopped by the hospital on our way up to the cabin.

Cecilia enjoyed her first trip to the cabin. She went on her first boat ride and didn't fuss at all in her lifejacket and slept most of the ride. She also loved the bassinet with a mobile on it and was watching that intently.

Maeve also loved the cabin. She enjoyed outdoor games like lawn bowling and indoor toys like painting. She also went fishing with Grandma Jan, played in the 63 degree water and helped with outdoor chores with Grandpa Steve. She also loved the boat rides and her new room at the lake.

Memorial Day always kicks off the summer in Minnesota so we loved our time at the lake and look forward to more weekends up there.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Cecilia's first smile

Cecilia has had a great week. She's 7 weeks old and has melted our hearts with her first smiles and slept through the night (only once but we'll take it!). She's mostly waking up once a night and is a mild-tempered baby during the day. She rolled over once as well from her front to her back but that was probably a fluke since I can't get her to do it again. She is fussy for dad when he gets home from work but that's normal for her age. She also went to her first Twins baseball game and slept for most of it (as did the rest of the fans since the Twins aren't good at all this year!).

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Favorite picture - throwback

I had to re-create one of my favorite photos that we took of Maeve in the first month. Here's a comparison of the two. I think Cecilia resembles her mom while Maeve resembles her dad! Can you tell who is who??

Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy 1 Month to Cecilia

Cecilia is 1 month old today!

We are enjoying life with 2 girls. Grandma Brigid, Aunt Anne, and Grandpa Ed just left yesterday. We enjoyed the time that we spent with them including celebrating Aunt Anne's birthday with a delicious cookie cake and having a shrimp boil with all of the grandparents. Cecilia is slowly figuring out this whole sleeping at night routine. We've had a few good nights with 3 hour stretches so we'll call that a success. She is not a fussy baby and mostly needs to be woken up to eat during the day. As with all babies, she has a fussy time at night but is easy to soothe if you hold her and walk around with her.

We enjoyed time with Grandma Brigid since Cecilia arrived. We were able to cook great dinners and desserts, finish the announcements and send them out and work with Cecilia to take a bottle. Grandpa Ed did puzzles with Maeve and went shopping with all of us so we could get out of the house.  We also loved having Aunt Anne here to take some pictures. We took Cecilia's 1-month picture with a new personalized blanket from Great Aunt Cathy and Uncle Michael Garvey and pictures of Maeve with her favorite lovey, her cat. She posed so well for Aunt Anne! Maeve is wearing a blue dress that her Great Grandma, Joyce Edmonds, made for me when I was a girl. Cecilia is wearing a new outfit from Great Aunt Debbie Edmonds. You'll probably see a lot more pictures in these cute outfits. We also spent time with the Kirchner family for several family birthdays including Grandpa Steve, Aunt Morgan, Great Aunt Anne and Great Uncle Andrew Wittenborg. The end of April/beginning of May is a busy time for family birthdays. Aunt Marcia also celebrates a birthday this week so Maeve is making a lot of 'Happy Birthday' videos and singing Happy Birthday to whomever will listen!

Today it was back to reality - it's just the 4 of us - so we've figured out multi-tasking with Cecilia in the wrap and 1-to-1 parenting with a toddler and an infant.