Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We started off with great news this weekend that our newest niece, Payton Ashley, was born to Scott and Morgan. We were so excited to meet her when she was a few hours old when we stopped by the hospital on our way up to the cabin.

Cecilia enjoyed her first trip to the cabin. She went on her first boat ride and didn't fuss at all in her lifejacket and slept most of the ride. She also loved the bassinet with a mobile on it and was watching that intently.

Maeve also loved the cabin. She enjoyed outdoor games like lawn bowling and indoor toys like painting. She also went fishing with Grandma Jan, played in the 63 degree water and helped with outdoor chores with Grandpa Steve. She also loved the boat rides and her new room at the lake.

Memorial Day always kicks off the summer in Minnesota so we loved our time at the lake and look forward to more weekends up there.


  1. What a fun weekend at the cabin. Cecilia is getting so big! And Maeve looked like she enjoyed all the activities. 💖

  2. So exciting Maeve and Cecilia have a new cousin!! Looks like a fun weekend at the lake, wonderful memories :)