Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Favorite picture - throwback

I had to re-create one of my favorite photos that we took of Maeve in the first month. Here's a comparison of the two. I think Cecilia resembles her mom while Maeve resembles her dad! Can you tell who is who??


  1. Beautiful photos! Both are so precious. Little Cecilia is the bottom one :)

  2. Mom and I do think that the girls look different, and both are adorable.

  3. I agree it's one of our favorite photos! It's fun to compare the photos side by side. Cecilia is at the bottom, and give those beautiful girls a hug and a kiss from us. We are presently docking in Olbina, Sardina, Italy. Sadly we could not get into Corsica France due to strong winds they can't turn this big boat 90 degrees. Much love to all of you💕 Grandma Jan & Grandpa Steve