Monday, April 16, 2018

Cecilia's 2 year old stats

Cecilia had a great check-up on Friday. She didn't have any shots and won't have any more (besides the flu) until 4!

Height: 35 in (69%)

Weight: 26 lbs (59%)

She is adding so many new phrases to her vocabulary every day. She's an early riser (5:30am at the LATEST) and loves her baby doll. She already has an opinion about what she wears - mostly Elsa shirts - and does everything by herself! She still loves dogs and now doesn't like bugs (like her sister).

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Cecilia's Golden Birthday

On Easter Sunday we also celebrated Cecilia's golden birthday. I had so much fun planning this party and decorating with photos from a glitter photo shoot that we did in February. The girls had so much fun with glitter in a studio and I just love the pictures. Eric enjoyed the party because we made delicious crock pot pulled pork and chicken so we got to visit with family and not worry about anything.

Cecilia enjoyed playing with her sister and cousin, Payton. They enjoyed getting into the new gifts like kinetic sand, new luggage, stuffed pillows and animals, paint sticks and clothes. Thank you all for your generosity! She also loved the tent that her Mom and Dad got her and Grandpa Ed set up.

The cake was a beauty - an inspiration from Morgan's cousin - and delicious too. We bought it from Cocoa and fig and the cake had vanilla buttercream with chocolate cake and raspberry filling. Grandpa Steve got to enjoy the leftovers as we headed off to Arizona the next day for Eric's work incentive trip.

Thanks again to all those who came. We enjoyed your company!

A singing birthday video:

Maeve and Cecilia also enjoyed some time at the Galleria's spring flower show and eating cake at school!