Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mom's first work trip

Well, I survived....barely! I'll share a few lessons that I  shared with my new moms group:

Lesson #1: bathrooms do not have plugs. Put batteries in your breast pump- 8 of them!! Not 4! 

Lesson #2: Don't sit in a middle or window seat. Airlines overbook your flight and I was either next to someone who took up half my seat or who smoked too many packs of cigarettes before getting on the plane.

Lesson #3: I am never pumping and traveling again. They took out every bag and had to put it through a machine and one was leaking. It was a mess!

Lesson #4: Kate and elevation out west (was in Salt Lake City) do not mix well! Bloody nose, almost passed out, dry skin rash, pumping not working.....the list goes on!


I'm just glad to be home!! So yesterday Maeve tried formula. Still not taking a bottle that well at home (just at daycare) so we'll see how this goes!

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