Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Mom got a call from school yesterday that Maeve wasn't taking a bottle as well as she usually does.  Considering Dad had experienced a similar problem over the weekend and Mom even had some difficulty in nursing, we decided after work we would take her to the "Ready Care" in Maple Grove.  Dad called on his way home from work at 6 and they had no wait, so we figured we would quick eat our dinner and then make the trip.

Note to self - don't do that again!  It went from no wait to about 15 people in the waiting room, so we waited close to an hour before she could be seen.  Turns out she has an ear infection in her left ear!  Not too surprising though considering Dad had his first around 4 months and Mom had her first around 6 months.  Dad flew 2 days later to Pennsylvania when he had his first infection, so we're hoping Maeve can pull through for us on our trip to Boise on Saturday!

For now no fever and she doesn't appear to be bothered too much by it other than eating times.  She slept well through the night, so we will see if anything changes.  She still has a bit of a cough too that she's had for the better part of the past 2 weeks.  After Dad dropped the girls off at home, he went back out to get the medicine for Maeve - the 5 day Z Pack.  I told Mom she takes after Mom because Mom always seems to get ear infections about 3 days before we travel too!

It wasn't a complete waste of a night though - the pediatrician was located in a strip mall right next to a local appliance store.  While we were waiting to be seen by the Dr, Dad went next door and picked out a wine fridge for our new China Cabinet that our cabinet maker is in the process of building!

P.S. Maeve weighs a healthy 15 pounds now!


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