Thursday, November 16, 2017

Maeve's 4th Birthday

Maeve turned 4 this year and we celebrated with a party with the Kirchner family on November 4th, a dinner the night before her birthday, and with friends at school and at gymnastics on the 13th. She loved seeing her family, opening gifts, and eating ice cream. She didn't want cake so we had ice cream and candy for her Doc McStuffins themed party. She loves playing doctor so she picked the theme a few months ago. I found the cute shirt on etsy but then after getting such fabulous dress up clothes for her party, she quickly changed into the Elsa dress. I don't think we'll get away from princesses for several years! We also ordered her favorite food - pizza - and then it happened to be pizza night at gymnastics so she got some that night too!

Thank you to all our family for celebrating with us - both near and far - and for the generous gifts!


  1. Happy 4th Birthday, Maeve! Grandpa Ed and Grandma Brigid have enjoyed watching you grow these past four years. We love you very much!

  2. Maeve,
    Grandpa and I had the best time celebrating your 4 th Birthday with you and all of the Kirchner Family. We love you so very much! You are a very thoughtful, kind big sister! You bring a lot of happiness and smiles to our life and we love to hear you laugh!
    Grandma is glad that you like to play doctor and that you can fix my foot!❤️ Grandma Jan & Grandpa Steve