Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cecilia's 1st Birthday

Today marks an exciting day - Cecilia's 1st birthday!  What a joy she has been to watch and share the world with over the past year.  We look forward to continuing to celebrate her milestones in the coming years.  She is walking along anything that she can and even took one step on vacation last week. She's getting close to walking. She also babbles a lot and says 'Momma' and 'Dadda,' and waves, blows kisses and claps. She loves the iPhone and has started to throw tantrums when we take it away....geesh.... but overall is a very happy and content baby (even though it seems we could only get crying pictures for her 1st birthday shoot!). She's sleeping through the night about half of the time now so we hope that continues and that some day we'll all sleep again. She has 6 teeth and 1 more just now poking through. She loves bath time and enjoyed her first dip in the pool and ocean. She enjoys almost all of the food that we put in front of her.

From the minute Maeve woke up this morning at 5:30 am (sleep schedules off due to late evening arrival from Turks & Caicos last night), she could hardly wait for her sister to wake up.  She was excited to run into Cecilia's room and greet her with a "Happy Birthday sister!"  Maeve has been an outstanding big sister to Cecilia and we are so proud of the 2 of them.

To celebrate Cecilia's 1st birthday we enjoyed opening presents together and Maeve was sure to help her sister out.  Cecilia got some new books and snacks.  Maeve now wants to share all of those snacks she had previously grown out of!  After opening presents we sang Cecilia Happy Birthday and lit a candle on a cupcake for her to enjoy. Maeve started tearing up in the video as you may be able to see. She really does not like when we sing Happy Birthday!! Maeve was certain to remind us that she does not like cupcakes, but instead prefers ice cream with Mom (truthfully, she doesn't really care for any sweets unless its candy). Cecilia seems to be more like her father and enjoys sweets.  She ate some of the frosting and cupcake before we took it away and left for dinner.

For dinner we headed to the Convention Grill tonight which is an old fashioned burger and malt shop that has been around forever! It was fun to eat together and share in many laughs as we celebrated Cecilia's big 1st birthday.

We are looking forward to Kate's family joining us in a few weeks to help officially celebrate Cecilia's 1st birthday.  Wish us luck tomorrow as we head back to work and school as we've been out for the past week.  Mom is off on a business trip later this week to San Francisco, so Daddy gets some more time with both girls (and let's hope that Cecilia is good since she's having separation issues from Mom right now) :)

Here are some videos. I guess we need to record them horizontal so we can accommodate for everyone that doesn't have an iPhone or Apple computer to watch these since we need to compress them. So they are sideways ...


  1. Happy Birthday to beautiful Cecilia!!! One great year!

  2. Happy Birthday, Cecilia! You are growing up so fast! We can't wait to celebrate with you in a few weeks.

    We love you! The pictures and videos are wonderful.

  3. Happy First Birthday, Cecilia!! I love the videos. Finn was very excited about her the cupcake 🎂. Love you and see you soon!!