Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Hilton Head Island and Savannah 2022

 We enjoyed a great trip with friends and Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve to Hilton Head Island. It had been 7 years since we were there last and only with Maeve. 

We started with a night in Savannah with Jon and Jessica and Ben and Rose and went to eat BBQ. It was raining a bit but we drove through town and had a good dinner after a long day of travel (especially rental car pickup - 1.5 hours).

The next day we did the Trolley tour around Savannah and learned a lot of history, like the saying 'Keeping up with the Jones''' is from a street in Savannah. We saw beautiful live oaks and went to a playground. We had amazing food at Vic's on the River where Maeve tried Oysters and liked them. From there, we headed to Hilton Head Island to meet Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve who had arrived a few days earlier (multiple condo reservations to accommodate all the families)!

Cecilia's memory from the trip --- She loved the beach, the pool, and bingo and wanted to make sure that we wrote that "Grandpa Steve won bingo, Cecilia won bingo, Ben won bingo - and it was so so much fun." She also loved that we traveled with friends! And she also lost a tooth on yet another vacation (last time was in San Francisco)!

Maeve's memory from the trip -- She loved traveling with her friends too and catching all the animals. We saw dolphins and even sting rays in the water! Maeve and Rose found a live sand dollar which was pretty cool - we put that back in the ocean. And they found a hermit crab. 

Kyle's memory from the trip -- he just loved the beach so much! He loves the sand and was fearless in the water - crashing right into those waves- and even trying boogie boarding 

Kate's memory from the trip -- I liked spending the majority of the time at the beach (thanks to the Searle kids who turned my pool kids into beach kids). The weather was great except for a few rain storms. We biked to Salty Dog which was a long ride for Maeve and her friend Rose - over 9 miles - and they both did great. We saw 5 alligators and some Blue Herons. The most amazing food we had was from Kenny B's (New Orleans food of course) and I enjoyed friend green tomatoes and Redfish and tried some of Eric's Gumbo and étouffée.

Eric's memory from the trip -- He enjoyed taking the family to a place he has so many fond memories of from the annual visits in March while growing up.  He does admit, the last 2 times we've been however, the weather and ocean is far superior in late May/early June compared to March.  He also loved all the fresh seafood we had and grilling even some of it back at the condo.  It was also great to have the assistance of his parents and watching their grandkids have the same thrills that Eric experienced while growing up.  Any trip where all 3 kids stay healthy and enjoy time in the sun is a good one in our book!

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