Wednesday, June 15, 2022

End of School Year 2022

 As the kids start summer camp this week, I'm reminded how fast the school years go. 

Maeve was a champ in her 2nd grade year. She, once again, had a sub for half the year that she didn't enjoy as much as her initial teacher. But her teacher awarded her the 'Sweetest Soul' award and we couldn't agree more. She's a great friend to others, follows the rules (sometimes too literally!) and is a great student. She wrote a hero report on Eleanor Roosevelt and did a wonderful job speaking aloud to her class for the final presentation. We also threw her original teacher a party to wish her luck with twins arriving in the Fall. She also ended her 1st year of Brownies with a Sock Hop that Cecilia got to attend too. It was a fun tradition.

The other school tradition that we hadn't experienced before was the School Carnival, since we haven't had a normal year since starting at OLG due to the pandemic. The Carnival was jam packed with people and games. It was a bit overwhelming as it was mostly indoors but the kids enjoyed seeing their friends. 

Cecilia had a great 1st year at OLG. She had the same teacher Maeve had and a wonderful 8th Grade buddy that was so kind to her throughout the year. I love that tradition as well. She excelled in school, improving her reading and writing, as you can see from the pictures. She also had a Nursery Rhyme program where she recited 'Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.' She made many new friends as she's very easy going and gets along with everyone. 

Kyle moves onto Preschool B now at Primrose where he continues to work on potty training, writing his letters, and talking talking talking. He says the funniest things. He picks up on a lot of things easily, loves maps, and playing outside. He also enjoyed a Spring Carnival at school!


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