Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mr and Mrs Scott Kirchner

We had a great time celebrating Scott and Morgan's wedding this weekend. We enjoyed the rehearsal dinner at Jake O'Connors in Excelsior where Eric gave his best man's speech. On Saturday,  June 28th, Morgan and Scott got married at St. Bart's in Wayzata. They will share their wedding anniversary with Brigid and Ed who celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on the 28th. Brigid and Ed stayed in town for the week to watch Maeve during the ceremony and the reception. After the ceremony, we enjoyed a cruise on Lake Minnetonka to the reception at Bayview Event Center. Although the lake had very high water levels and we couldn't go more than 5 MPH and it stormed most of the ride, we still enjoyed looking at the houses on the lake and toasting to the new couple. Maeve was very smiley all night as you can tell from the pictures. She is excited to welcome Morgan into the family.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! The sunset looked amazing in the background! Maeve looked precious in her party dress and bow :)
    Congrats to Morgan and Scott!

  2. We love all the pictures! Dad and I enjoyed sharing such a special week with you.