Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hilton Head Island, SC

Maeve visited her 14th and 15th state this past week - Georgia and South Carolina. We spent a week with Jan, Steve, Brigid, Ed, Sean, Anne and Finn in Hilton Head Island and visited Savannah. We had such an amazing time and hope that work will allow for more weeklong vacations in the coming years. You can truly unwind and relax - well, as relaxing as it is to travel with a 13 and 18 month old. We went to bed by 10pm and woke up between 5:30 and 6am every day. We don't feel rested but we did enjoy watching the kids play on the beach and in the kiddie pool. As you can imagine, Anne and I together took many pictures so you'll see them here.

Highlights of the trip included playing in the sand and in the 75 degree water at the beach and riding bikes into Sea Pines under a myriad of trees. It's safe to say that Finn didn't enjoy the Burley on the back of the bike and Maeve was so-so with it. It helped to open it up and allow the breeze to come in but that helmet was a nuisance according to Maeve. We got in 2 rounds of mini golf, and Jan won a free game with a hole-in-one. We won't mention how bad Eric lost to the girls! Most of our pool time was spent in the kiddie pool with Maeve and Finn. We were worried on Day 1 when Maeve would only go in the heated indoor pool but she warmed up quickly to the ocean and the outdoor pools. She enjoyed bullying her younger cousin around - we have to work on sharing! Our favorite restaurants were Skull Creek Boathouse, Salty Dog Cafe, and Lady & Sons in Savannah. Pool Bar Jim's also made a great Pina Colada and served Yuengling beer which was delicious. Maeve and Finn were a hit with the crowd at two of the restaurants with live music. They loved to dance.
See a video here:

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Wonderful vacation pictures!

  2. As one can see from the pictures, it was a great week for everyone. The two grandchildren/children were obviously the focus of all.

  3. What a fun time we had! Grateful to spend the time with all of you! I am glad you enjoyed Hilton Head Island.

  4. Wonderful memories of a great trip!!