Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Maeve enjoyed so many fun things this holiday. She had 3 Easter egg hunts - one at school, one at Church with Jan and Steve, and one in Uncle Scott and Aunt Morgan's neighborhood. She did not enjoy the Easter bunny getting too close to her. You'll see her look in the pictures at the egg hunt making sure that bunny wasn't coming too close to her.

We also had a visit to Great Grandma Joanne's house where she received stickers, candy, and her first money (guess we'll have to get her a piggy bank to keep her coins). Maeve also enjoyed a visit to Will's house last night where I can only imagine they ran around for two hours because she was exhausted when we got home. We enjoyed dinner out for Theresa's birthday!

We enjoyed bringing her to Church where she read her new books from her grandmas and grandpas and listening to the wonderful music, especially the Toccata in D minor. Morgan and Scott had us up for brunch where my favorite treat was being served - puppy tails (cinnamon twists) from Isle Bun and Bakery. They are amazing.

The Easter pictures this year had to incorporate her favorite thing about Easter - jelly beans (just like her father)! We painted an egg picture and then matched the colors of jelly beans to the color on the egg. And then unprompted Maeve sorted the colors in each of her Easter eggs and then ate them all. She is doing so well with her colors and counting.

We hope you enjoyed Easter!


  1. Happy Easter! What fun Maeve had with all the Easter egg hunts. Wonderful pictures!🐣🌷♥️

  2. Wonderful pictures. I would be frightened by the Bunny as well. It looked like it was a tad chilly.

  3. Happy Easter!! Love all the pictures :)