Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Grandma Joanne

We're so sad to have to say "Goodbye" to our last living Grandparent on March 16, 2017. We celebrated Grandma Joanne in a beautiful service of which she planned mostly before she left us. Here's a copy of the program and thanks to Grandma Jan we get to read "What a Wonderful World" each night to the girls. Maeve wondered why I sung it tonight like a princess :)

We're so grateful that our girls were able to meet their Great-Grandma and have several visits and create memories and pictures for us to cherish. Here are a few of our favorites:

We also look fondly back on the times that we shared with her together including the trip we took to Lake City a few months before we were married to see her hometown. She took this picture out of the car window that we used for one of our Wedding Centerpieces to show all of the places that we'd visited together. We learned a lot about her life during that trip and got to hear many of those stories yesterday at the funeral, during the luncheon, and afterwards at Jan and Steve's house.

We'll miss you, Grandma Joanne!


  1. Beautiful pictures and memories of Grandma Joanne! I enjoyed my visits with Joanne. She was a remarkable woman who faced her handicap with courage and fortitude. We both liked talking about family and sharing ancestry stories. I will miss her!

  2. Very moving service and remembrance in this post. Joanne enjoyed a remarkable life, and she was tremendously proud of her family. She left a beautiful legacy. Peace.

  3. Wonderful pictures and memories of a beautiful life ❤