Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Cards 2017

We all love receiving holiday cards every year. I know how much work goes into taking the picture, picking out the card, and writing a letter, as well as mailing them with thousands of other people at the post office. I look through them throughout the Christmas season and take a picture of the pile of them when we take the decorations down.

Here is our Christmas card and letter this year! Happy NYE!

Christmas Letter 2017
On the 12th Day of Kirchner Christmas, our true life gave to us……

12 Visits to the Doctors and Dentists with the Girls. Maeve had her first dentist appointment and Cecilia had colds, ear infections, and respiratory issues.

11 Family Members together in Turks & Caicos in March for a Family Vacation. We enjoyed the beautiful island and Beaches Resort with the Sesame Street characters.

10 Average Hours of Sleep a Night for Maeve. Maeve is still a great sleeper; however, Cecilia doesn't like to sleep as much so we're still working on this for her.

9 Boat Rides at the Cabin. We enjoyed a wonderful summer up north at the cabin.

8 Months of Cecilia Walking. Cecilia started walking around 13 months old. She loves running after her sister and going on walks to see a dog, her favorite animal.

7 Seats in Kate's new Honda Pilot. Kate got a new car and is enjoying the extra room.

6 Getaways for Mom and Dad. Kate visited Arizona twice with friends, and attended her 15-year high school reunion in New Orleans. Eric went on his annual ski trip to Park City, Utah, and enjoyed a weekend at the cabin with the boys. Eric and Kate spent a weekend away in Healdsburg, California, enjoying wine, the scenery, a day with friends, and sleep.

5 Years at US Bank. Eric is enjoying his 5th year at US Bank in the Corporate Payment System's division as a financial analyst.

4 States visited with Maeve and Cecilia. We celebrated Benjamin's 1st birthday in Boise, Idaho, Thanksgiving with the Edmonds in Houston, Texas, and visits to Chicago, Illinois, and South Bend, Indiana, over Labor Day weekend.

3 Big Sporting Events. We attended the Saints and Vikings Monday night home opener football game, watched the Twins beat the Blue Jays behind home plate, and saw the Irish victory over Temple in South Bend.

2 Irish Visitors. Bernadette and Kevin visited in July and enjoyed the Mall of America, eating American food, seeing some of the Minnesota lakes, and swimming at Jan and Steve's house for Kate's birthday.

1 Happy Family. We are blessed with so many things this year, especially for our family and friends. We remember the life of Joanne Wittenborg and will cherish our memories together.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Eric, Kate, Maeve, and Cecilia Kirchner

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