Monday, November 5, 2018

Maeve's 5th Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Maeve's 5th birthday. We are so thankful to have had many family members come to her birthday party at Park Tavern. She enjoyed bowling, visiting with family, and pies from Baker's Square. Thank you to everyone who came to make her birthday so special. She said she really enjoyed bowling but didn't want everyone to sing her 'Happy Birthday.' She still doesn't like people singing to her. She claims a kid laughed at her 2 years ago at school when they sang Happy Birthday. Not sure it that's what traumatized her or not but she definitely doesn't like when people sing it to her! Her sister, on the other hand, loves to sing 'Happy Birthday' and sang it most of the weekend. We can't believe we are celebrating 5 years!!

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  1. Grandpa Ed and I loved all the fun activities this past weekend. Happy 5th birthday to our adorable granddaughter Maeve. We love you!♥️