Monday, June 8, 2020

Quarantine Chronicles: Kyle's milestones

We thought we'd document what the kids did while we were quarantine because of COVID-19 for 2 1/2 months. This is Kyle's version and the milestones and the habits that he gained during this time.

He said several new words to add to his favorite: dog. He says a form of Grandma and Grandpa, bird, bubbles, snack and ball.

He has really long hair as we delayed his first hair cut!

And he was still taking a bottle in the morning and at night until halfway through the quarantine and in early May (he was almost 16 months old!), we transitioned to a sippy cup. He's had no problem with that change. But he did decide that a pacifier would be a fun new habit, and it's probably because he got 4 new teeth in the first month we were staying at home.

Of course time at home wouldn't be complete without a trip to the doctor for an ear infection. Hoping we can reschedule the ENT consult for tubes since that was cancelled during this time too.

And his other big milestone is eating with a spoon!

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