Monday, September 14, 2020

Cabin and Summer time 2020

 We enjoyed several longer visits to our favorite Minnesota summer getaway - the cabin! While this summer didn't go exactly as planned with having to cancel our trip away to Italy, we did get to enjoy lots of good food, good wine, and good company with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve up north. We missed seeing several family members and look forward to a "normal" summer once again.

The kids loved the boat rides, the swing set, and all of the fun that Grandma and Grandpa planned for them this year. A highlight was making the bird houses with Grandpa. Grandma also entertained with several crafts and painting rocks and gave us a break to either work (yeah, this working from "home" worked out this year for us to spend more time there) or some days off. Fun new games included "yardzy" yahtzee and tic tac toe as well as badminton and learning tricks on the bar and Kyle going down the slide 100+ times.

Lots of puzzle time and a few bikes rides. We both skied (Kate hasn't skied in 7+ years) and the kids enjoyed some views of the sunset during Labor Day weekend.

We carved out special memories this summer and got to see something other than our house walls so that was special! Until next summer, Cabin, or we may visit again this Fall/Winter on special request from Maeve and Cecilia :) 

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