Monday, November 23, 2020

Talking, Writing, and Reading

 We had fall conferences for Maeve and Cecilia and talk to Kyle's teachers at daycare drop off so I thought I'd document a few of their milestones!

Kyle is talking a lot now. He says many words such as eyes, ears, nose, toes, and loves all things that move like airplane, tractor, truck, boat. He is starting to count one....two....three and tries to go all the way up to ten but needs help. He is also catching on to a lot of different colors and surprisingly yellow is one that comes out very clear but he also loves blue, green, and purple. Animal noises and barn animals like cows, horses, pigs, and ducks are also his favorite to talk about. We love watching his new way to communicate although the two's are approaching and that word "no" comes out a lot now!

Cecilia continues to write her letters so well. Her teachers even commented how well she writes and is a very good student. She plays well with others and by herself. She loves puzzles and workbooks and will be ready for Kindergarten in the fall.

Maeve is reading a lot now, too. She loves reading to her siblings and still enjoys listening to chapter books. She's reading some of the early chapter books and has improved so much over the last several months. She is also a good student and kind and enjoys the company of many friends. She loves to learn and works hard on assessments. We just need to remind her that everyone is learning and that she doesn't have to get all the answers right :) She gets a little perfectionism from both of us but to a different extreme than either of us remember as a kid.

Happy Thanksgiving week! We will miss seeing our family together for a meal but look forward to the time when we can all get together again.

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