Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Edmonds Siblings visit Edina

 We had a great week and weekend hosting Paul, Marcia, Hunter, Kaelyn, Audrey and Anne, Finn and Ben at our house. After a long time apart, we packed a lot of fun into a few days. Here's a list of all the fun, but what I think the cousins will remember the most are the games and shows they came up with at the house. They played store with a kitchen behind the bar and a seashell store in the closet (and even made flyers), put on dance and gymnastics shows (and even made tickets), built squirrel and bird traps, and a candy vending machine. It was so fun to watch all these cousins get along and enjoy time together and it was good to catch up with the adults too!

  • Como Zoo and Como town amusement park
  • swimming at Jan and Steve's house, the Edina pool, and Bunker beach water park
  • playing outside, at parks, on a hike up the trail by the house, water balloons, bounce house, and splash pads
  • Mini golf

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