Monday, March 7, 2022

San Diego zoo and Sea World

 We had a great President's Day weekend in San Diego where we visited La Jolla and Coronado and went to the San Diego zoo and Sea World. The flight out there wasn't great with Cecilia's flare up of asthma and coughing the whole time. We dealt with that most of the trip and started her on steroids once we got back. Now it's back under control but was a bit stressful. We also got a glimpse into what it will be like in a few weeks when we go to Disney World as the kids argue over who gets to sit in the rented stroller at Sea World or want snacks at inopportune times (like just as we get on VIP tours). We also know that Cecilia loves rides and really wanted to go on the roller coasters at Sea World (but since we didn't think about that we hadn't planned to and didn't want to wait for hours).

But we had a great time and the highlights include:

  • Seeing the sea lions in La Jolla and some type of nesting birds (see pic below)
  • Feeding flamingos at Sea World
  • Seeing the dolphins and the whales in the shows at Sea World
  • Riding the kiddie rides and Kyle's first time on the big swing ride at Sea World
  • VIP tour to see all the highlights at San Diego zoo before it opened
  • All the methods of transportation at San Diego zoo - golf carts, sky car, trains, and buses
  • the animals at the zoo - including the Red panda, koalas, giraffes, hippos, lions, and bears
Maeve and Cecilia's journal here explains more about the trip too.  They really listened on the VIP tour so that was well worth it at San Diego zoo and then we didn't feel rushed for the rest of that visit and could really enjoy ourselves. Sea World was a little too amusement park for us and didn't have any good food options for the kids, especially Kyle with his egg allergy, so that was not as enjoyable but the shows and flamingos were fun.

Lunch on Coronado

Downtown view from Sea Change restaurant

La Jolla

these birds were making nests and there were a lot of photographers taking pictures - any ideas what they are?

I love seeing the Koala's and this one with her baby was adorable!

Red Panda is Maeve's favorite

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