Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Kyle is 4

 We had a fun weekend at home for Kyle's 4th birthday. We ordered a vegan cake as we are still working on his egg allergy and it was beautiful but not that tasty! He did enjoy his dinner out at Shake Shack and his celebration with friends at school. On Saturday we went to Chaska community center to swim and play on the slides. He had a lot of fun! 

The tradition also continues with the present scavenger hunt. He is also starting to read some words so it was fun to see him work with his sisters to read the clues and find where the next present was.

And then for his 4 year old check-up he was a champ with his 2 shots and did not cry! He also was excited to get a book and read some words for his doctor. He's doing great although they couldn't get the hearing test done since he was shy and not interested in raising his hand when he heard a beep!

Height: 41.97 inches (85%)

Weight: 37.15 lbs (62%)

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