Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Cecilia is 8

 Cecilia's stats - we can definitely tell that she is taller as she is tall in her class and almost as tall as Maeve.

66lbs (80%)

54 inches (90%)

She also was able to drop her booster seat in the car with her age, although a little shorter for the official requirements but she said it was ok.

As for her birthday celebration, we enjoyed a nice dinner with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve of steak grilled by Dad (medium rare of course), mashed potatoes, and edamame. We played games (of course she won) and had Hula pie (made by Grandma Jan and Maeve and Kyle) for dessert. Grandma Brigid and Grandpa Ed stopped by for dessert (as Grandma is trying to stay healthy for her upcoming hip replacement surgery)

Grandma Jan also got to read to her library class with her other birthday buddy and we had a present scavenger hunt to reveal lots of fun presents like markers, games, and a snorkel set and a new bike (since she is getting so tall she needed a new one!) It snowed on her birthday but luckily didn't stick around!

We enjoyed celebrating our 8 year old!


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