Tuesday, February 4, 2014

12 weeks

Tomorrow Maeve will be 12 weeks old. That can only mean one thing - back to work! Maeve and I have enjoyed many activities over the course of the last 12 weeks. We had several visitors to keep us company and we enjoyed learning new things every day. Tomorrow will be a change. I will start back at work at Medtronic and Maeve will go to Grandma Jan and Grandpa Steve's house. I will miss my view (even though it was covered with snow the entire leave and lucky for me this was a record-breaking year with 1 month of below zero temperatures. I couldn't have picked a better time to be off (do you sense the sarcasm?)). My cubicle will not have this view, however, so I'll have to bring in some pictures of my view (sleeping Maeve in my arms, Sadie on the couch, and the back porch). Yesterday, we went downtown Minneapolis to visit dad for a lunch break. We had a great time walking through the skyways and seeing dad because we won't get many opportunities to do that in the near future. Here are a few pictures from our last two days.


  1. Good luck tomorrow on your first day back! I'm sure you're going to miss her tons but she'll be in good hands and ready for you when you get home. You'll do great!

  2. Our Grandchild is doing excellent with her first morning at G & G K's house while Grandma K heads off to church, Maeve is left with Grandpa Steve for the morning. Grandpa Steve is doing taxes while she sleep beside me in her car seat. She is thinking that taxes sound boring so she decided it would be more fun to sleep!!