Friday, January 31, 2014

Daycare Discovery Day

Today was Maeve's discovery day at her daycare. We went for 3 hours this morning and Mom hung out for 2 hours and then ran errands for an hour so that Maeve's teachers could try and feed her and put her down for a nap. Mom was shocked to find out that she took all 2 ounces from the bottle without a problem and took a 30 minute nap in the crib. Mom was relieved! Now if Grandma Jan and Grandma Brigid can have that easy of a time when they watch Maeve for the month of February! Mom and Dad are very happy with the daycare so far. There will be plenty of posts to come about that, but I thought I would share a picture of her infant room, Maeve in her crib, and Maeve in her infant chair. She seemed to love it and has been taking long naps since leaving daycare.

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