Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi everyone!
Long time no post!  Maeve had her 1st successful trip on the airplane earlier this week!  On Saturday Maeve and Mom flew to Florida to spend some time with Eric's Mom in Marco Island!  While it wasn't 80 and sunny every day, it certainly was warmer than what it has been lately in MN!  (For all of you who live in the South and are reading this, yes, we are still alive and functioning up here despite the mercury struggling to reach positive digits.  Just bundle up and git 'r done!  My wife would tell you differently that the cold is manageable!)

Maeve survived her 1st plane trip both ways perfectly!  Not bad for being 9 weeks old!  Both Mom and Dad did encounter a bit of a cold last week, and without surprise, I think we passed just a small cold onto Maeve!  Maeve and Mom had their 1st trip to the Dr yesterday for a sick checkup and the Dr gave us some suggestions to she would stop crying through feedings and wake us up numerous times in the evening.  We've already noticed an improvement in just the 24 hours since the visit!  She slept for over 5 hours last night without waking us up, and thats by far the longest stretch she's gone thus far.  Dad even managed to have another good bottle feeding tonight with no fussing and over 4 ounces - Maeve was clearly hungry after not eating much the past few days with her minor cold.  They make this really cool device now called the NoseFrida - take a look at it here:  I know it seems odd and somewhat gross, but let me tell you, this device works!  Just a quick fix for Maeve before eating and then the girl is able to get her food down and keep it down versus fighting this cold she has!

Dad and his Dad along with some other guys are off to Utah for their annual ski trip today.  Dad will be gone a whole week this year, so lets hope Maeve is nice to Mommy and keeps her good company.  He's done the same trip with the same guys for quite a few years now.  There will be 7 of them this year all out in the Park City area - snow conditions are light though and temps have been very mild out there - mid 40's.  Should bring for some nice "Springlike" skiing.

Mom is nearing the end of her maternity leave too - she heads back to Medtronic in the beginning of February - my how time flies!  Thats about all for now, Dad has to finish getting ready for work!

I'm sure Maeve and Mom will post some more in the coming days - especially some pictures of that 1st big plane ride for Maeve!  Thanks for everyone's support with getting this off and running!



  1. Enjoy the ski trip, Eric! Thanks for all the blog updates.

  2. Abby & I just dropped Grandpa off at the airport for the ski trip. He is super excited. Let's hope everyone comes home in one piece. I just sent some pictures to Kate of the trip. We had a wonderful time, and wish that we came home to warmer weather. So glad that Maeve slept well, which means you all got some sleep!!
    Have a great ski trip, Eric! Love you all lots!! Mom/ Grandma Jan