Saturday, January 25, 2014

Marco Island, Florida

Here are some pictures from our trip to Florida this past week. Maeve did great on the airplane as dad mentioned in the last post. Vacation sure does change when you have a 2 month old. There wasn't too much relaxing in the sun in between feedings, naps, and diaper changes but Grandma Jan and her friend Kate were very helpful and allowed mom to relax a bit. We went for lots of walks on the beach together and went shopping at the outlets on a cloudy day. Maeve also enjoyed dinner out to 3 restaurants. She fussed a lot the last night (as we now know why - she was getting a cold) so Grandma and Mom took turns walking around the restaurant to let the other person eat. It was great to see the Gulf of Mexico. We'll be heading to the Atlantic in May and should plan a trip to the Pacific this year too so Maeve can see it all (and not remember it!) before she turns 1.

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  1. Great pictures!! Dad had a great 1st day skiing on the ski trip! Warm and a lack of snow, but still a good time.