Tuesday, May 13, 2014

6 months old

Happy 1/2 birthday to our beautiful baby girl! She's growing up so quickly and I can't get her to stay still for pictures. She's constantly rolling over and loves to sleep on her stomach with a finger or thumb in her mouth. She's eating more solid foods - so far she has tried carrots, bananas, apples, green beans, and peas. She's also having mostly formula now - just down to 1 or 2 nursing sessions a day. She is almost sitting up too and loves cooing and smiling. We go to her 6-month appointment on Thursday so we'll report back on the stats.


  1. Maeve is growing up too fast! She is adorable. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures.

  2. Happy 1/2 birthday Maeve!!! She is too cute! Can't wait to meet her!!